31.08.2019 / Meeting SCCh
05.10.2019 / Licensing / Clubshow
07.03.2020 / GM SCCh

Swiss club for Chodsky dogs

Member of SKG and FCI

founded on 18.8.2012


The Chodsky dog / Chodsky Pes is a dog breed from the Czech Republic that can be traced back to the 13th century.  The purpose of the SCCh is, among other things, the pure breeding of Chodsky Pes in Switzerland, as well as the provision of information about breeding, acquisition, husbandry, care, education and training.


April 2019

A huge success for the Chodsky Pes!

FCI has provisionally recognised Chodsky Pes for 10 years!
Thus, Chodsky pes is now recognised in all FCI countries and
we are allowed to participate in international exhibitions and competitions.
Chodsky pes is now in FCI Group 1.

Mai 2019

In Memoriam Anox Danipa 7.12.13 - 20.5.19

Schweizerischer Club für Chodenländerhunde SCCh
Peter Pittermann, Präsident
Hofstr. 15, CH-8181 Höri
+41 78 830 32 64